Paving the Way

Transitioning to REGIS

The transition to REGIS will occur from February to April 2018, starting with lead soft launch sites on Monday, 12 February 2018. Learn when REGIS will be coming to your public health organisation.
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News & Events

Over the last months, the REGIS Team has participated in research events and delivered information presentations and webinars. Also read the latest news about the roll-out of REGIS.
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Support & FAQs

The REGIS Help Desk will open 12 February 2018 to soft launch sites. Contact the REGIS team for questions or feedback. General Frequently Asked Questions are also available for guidance.
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Training & Resources

Resources are available to help those users at soft launch sites navigate REGIS, with more to come.
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How To

This section will help you navigate new state-wide processes for ethics and site assessment.
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Post Implementation

The best systems allow for changing needs. After full implementation, log your ideas for improvement.

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For all research applicants

In light of this upcoming change, your feedback on past experiences will be invaluable for us to achieve an effective evaluation of REGIS post-implementation. 

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