How-to Guides

Quick Reference Guides

Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) contain step-by-step instructions to help users work in REGIS. There are QRGs for all users, and separate QRGs for research applicants, research offices and non-research office staff.

QRGs will be continually updated and new ones will be added as REGIS implementation progresses.

For guidance on the latest policies and governance procedures, visit the OHMR website.

QRGs for all users

Glossary Draft 3 21 March 2018 
Creating and managing your REGIS Account Final Draft 23 February 2018
Symbols Final Draft  23 February 2018

QRGs for research applicants

The following QRGs will help research applicants register a project and complete their applications.

Withdrawing an Application 

v1 7 Feb 2019 
National Mutual Acceptance (NMA) in REGIS  v1 19 Dec 2018

Project Registration

v2.4 7 Feb 2019
Ethics Completing and Submitting the Application

v3.5 7 Feb 2019
Site Specific Application Part 1:
Completing Application & Requesting Head of Department Support

v3.2 7 Feb 2019
Site Specific Application Part 2: 
Submitting Site Application after Head of Department Declaration

v1.2 7 Feb 2019

Create a new site application

v1 20 Dec 2018
Ineligible Notification - Resubmitting Application 

v1.4 19 Nov 2018
Responding to a Request for Information - Initial Application

v1.3 19 Nov 2018
Ethics Amendment - Completing and Submitting 

v1.1  13 Feb 2019
Ethics Amendment - Responding to an Information Request v1 19 Nov 2018


QRGs for research offices

The following QRGs will help research offices set up their home page and meetings, and review eligibility.

Starting in REGIS


    24 July 2018

Setting up a Home Page

v1.1 24 July 2018

Reviewing Eligibility of an Ethics Application

v1.4  19 Nov 2018 

Reviewing Eligibility of a Site Specific Application

v1 19 Nov 2018

Creating and Managing Reviews

v1 22 May 2018

Creating and Preparing HREC Meetings

v1.2 19 Nov 2018

Managing HREC Meetings and Decisions

v1.1 1 July 2018

Review SSA & Request Information

v1 19 Nov 2018

Processing Approval & Authorisation - not Associated with Meetings (initial application)

v1.2 19 Nov 2018

Processing Ethics Amendment

v1 19 Nov 2018

QRGs for other REGIS Users

The following QRGs will help non-research office staff manage applications through review and approval processes.

Chief Executive/Delegate - Authorising Governance Applications

1.2 19 Nov 2018

Heads of Department - Providing Declarations of Support

v1.2  19 Nov 2018

HREC Member - Accessing Meeting Documents

v1 4 Apr 2018

HREC Member - Reviewing an Application in REGIS

 v1 4 Apr 2018

REGIS User Manual

1. Research Office    

Homepage tile

v2 14 December 2018

Application search

v1 23 July 2018