Help Desk & FAQs

Who do I contact, and when? 

This document explains the decisions you have and who best can answer them. 

When to contact your local research office

Contact your local research office when you need information on:

  • what you need to include in your REGIS application
  • the status of your application
  • using REGIS (for technical issues, contact the REGIS help desk).

NSW Health research office contact details

ACT Health Research contact details

When to contact the REGIS help desk

Contact the help desk for technical issues with REGIS including:

  • system issues or faults
  • account access issues
  • system advice (note your research office may also be able to help you).

 Call 1300 073 447 or email The help desk is open Monday to Friday from 7 am to 7 pm (excluding public holidays).


If you are experiencing slow response times in REGIS (e.g. key stroke lag, page refresh takes longer than expected) please run the diagnostic test located here. Once completed, keep the screen displaying the results open and contact the help desk on the number above to report your experience and advise speed test results (note they may ask you to email them a copy of the report available for download on screen)


When to email REGIS

Email for:

  • information on training, resources and news
  • feedback on using REGIS
  • general questions.